Filippi Panettone 100% EVOO


Filippi is a family-owned business based in Vicenza, Italy and is known for its careful selection of high quality ingredients. Artificial flavors? None! Filippi’s flavors are only and exclusively natural. They derive from candied fruit, honey, vanilla bean and without doubt from Filippi’s secret ingredient: the mother dough, with its texture of unique flavor and fragrance.

This very special Extra Virgin Olive Oil Panettone is made with the best Italian 100% extra-virgin olive oil. A choice in favor of lightness, without renouncing to be greedy!

Ingredients wheat flour, raisin 15,7%, fresh egg yolk free-range, candied orange pee 11,4% (orange peel, glucose syrup, sugar), extra virgin olive oil 8,1% water, cane sugar, natural yeast (wheat flour, water), Italian Honey, emulsifiers mono and diglyceri of fatty acids, salt, natural favouring (vanilla pods). Produced in a factory that also uses nuts, milk and soy.

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Large Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Panettone by Filippi 35 oz (1kg)


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