Panettone Dolce Presepe- Fiasconaro

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This Fiasconaro Dolce Presepe Panettone is unlike any other. The traditional Italian holiday cake, made with fresh candied orange and raisins, has a special surprise inside! Open the box and find the nativity scene from the Bible carved out of white chocolate in the center of the panettone. This Fiasconaro Panettone is truly a work of art. The Fiasconaro Dolce Presepe Panettone makes for an excellent Christmas gift and the perfect Christmas dessert to have on your holiday table.

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1 review for Panettone Dolce Presepe- Fiasconaro

  1. LUIGIA abramovici

    I think is unique! I do not understand why they do not ship to US or ordered rom their site?!

    • Francesca Russo

      Hi Luigia,

      We are a U.S based shop, and ship throughout the country.

      I hope this helps!

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