Tre Marie – Panettone Re Noir


This Italian panettone is a chocolate lover’s dream. Tre Marie Re Noir Panettone with Extra Dark Chocolate and Cacao’s soft dough is studded with crunchy cocoa beans wrapped in extra dark chocolate. It is a chocolate panettone that is absolutely covered with rich and crunchy pieces of dark chocolate. Tre Marie Re Noir Panettone is a heavenly Italian chocolate cake you absolutely have to try.


Naturally leavened oven baked cake. Ingredients: Wheat flour, Sugar, Candied orange peels 18% (Orange peels, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar), Fresh eggs, Butter, Whole fresh pasteurized milk, Natural yeast (contains wheat), Fresh egg white, Almonds 2%, Hazelnuts 1.3%, Emulsifying agent: Mono-diglycerides of fatty acids (of vegetal origin), Kernels, Rice starch, Fructose, Salt, Cocoa butter, Rice flour, Natural flavours. May contain traces of soya.

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With extra dark chocolate and cacao, 2lb


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